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Sell This House without a Realtor

There are many steps and a lot of planning if you are going to be selling your home yourself.  It’s important to know facts from fiction, and just who is on your side. Here are some homeowner resources.  We call them the Assist to Sell Toolbox that will show you ” how to sell your home”.  You can also calculate your own listing price!


Although the Multiple Listing Service through a flat fee service is now available to “for sale by the owner”  sellers, it doesn’t mean that all Realtors are excited about this change.

It does mean that the Canadian Real Estate Association, who owns MLS® and REALTOR®, will discourage you by citing more than 145 steps to sell your home.  It also means that various Real Estate Brokers will charge different Flat Fees for you to list with MLS, and it likely means that same Realtor will be hedging that you will be right back at their doorstep, after you get frustrated and discouraged with your results.

For Sale By The Owner Confidence Building

Consider that you might get equally discouraged by the results of a REALTOR. Remind yourself that with a little help from the Assist to Sell Toolbox you can build the confidence needed, and save yourself thousands of dollars in commissions by choosing a Flat Fee service whether it be MLS or some other for sale by the owner website.  These educational resources are for you, the homeowner, to guide you along the way.

Start with Action Steps for Selling A Home, and be sure you have the RIGHT listing price.

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